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Flower arrangements are usually displayed at a Funeral or Memorial Service.

The large, flat bouquets of flowers that are placed on coffins or wire stands are called "funeral sprays."

Funeral sprays are usually made up of white or blue flowers, though red and yellow are also common choices. Funeral sprays come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well - oval, wreath, heart, cross, etc.

Other flower arrangements that can be considered include:

  • Casket covers
  • Urn sprays, in the case of cremation
  • Photo displays
  • Floor plants
  • Rubber plants

Funeral sprays, casket covers, and other funeral flowers are usually purchased by people closest to the deceased who are contributing to the funeral expenses.

Lightbulb_Icon.svgGood to Know Flowers in general or certain types of flowers are not always culturally appropriate at a funeral. For example, they are not welcome at Jewish funeral, or during Shiva. It's important to speak with the Surviving Family to identify what customs and traditions are most welcomed.

Helpful Tips

The costs of funeral flowers vary depending on the size of the arrangement.

Typical flower arrangement costs are as follows:

  • Regular sized floral display: $50 - $80
  • Floral wreaths and other shaped tribute flowers: $100 and up
  • Casket and standing funeral sprays: $250-$700 and up

Whether or not flowers are appropriate at a funeral may be influenced by culture and tradition. See below for a general guide on various religions' view of funeral flowers.

  • Buddhist funeral - White flowers are displayed at the funeral and sent as mourning gifts. Red flowers are inappropriate
  • Christian funeral - Flowers are generally appropriate but the denomination may affect this
  • Catholic funeral - Somber flower arrangements are displayed at the wake or viewing
  • Hindu funeral - Flower garlands and flowers displays in the casket only
  • Jehovah's Witness funeral - Simple and modest flower arrangements
  • Jewish funeral - Flowers are not appropriate
  • Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) funeral - Flowers are generally encouraged but not in the shape of the cross
  • Muslim funeral - Appropriateness of flowers will depend on the culture and traditions of the community
  • Orthodox Christian funeral - White flowers are the favored choice. Circular wreaths are also common.

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