Re-collect remembrances

If remembrance items were set out during the memorial, be sure to re-collect them and store them properly.

These items might be need to be handled and distributed as part of the probate process.

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The process of a funeral or memorial service can be a very emotional time for loved ones, especially as they recognize a cherished item or heirloom. While placing remembrance items can help loved ones and friends celebrate the life of the deceased during these services, those items should always be returned to where they were originally if they belonged to the deceased.

This is true whether or not the item is named with a specific bequest in the loved one’s will.

Removing personal items makes it hard for the executor to carry out their role of maintaining and securing the deceased's possessions, which will need to transfer to beneficiaries per the will or intestate succession laws.

It can be difficult to explain this to loved ones who, in the moment, might just want a special memento to remember their loved one.

Have a plan for how you’ll collect these items as well as explain this situation to anyone who attends the funeral.


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