Organize and purchase additional accessories

There are many ways to personalize a funeral, and people may wish to contribute to a funeral service in ways that might require additional accessories.

For example, photos of the deceased might be enlarged or reproduced in memorial posters, a pre-recorded song or video may be played, an important item associated with the deceased may be displayed, or candles or other types of lights may be arranged.

Carefully consider what other accessories you may need to organize or purchase as part of the planning process.

Common additional funeral accessories include:

  • Enlarged photos and/or portraits
  • Picture frames and digital picture frames
  • A/V equipment (speakers, projectors, screens, microphones, etc.)
  • Musicians/music services
  • Candles or other lights
  • Personal items belonging to the deceased

Lightbulb_Icon.svgGood to Know Funeral homes will often have audio/visual equipment available for use. If a slideshow will be displayed or a song or video played, ask the funeral director how to arrange this. If the funeral home does not have audio/visual equipment, ask if hiring an outside provider is permitted.

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