Cancel property timeshares

If the deceased owned one or more timeshares, each of these must be evaluated individually.

If the timeshare is mentioned in the last will and testament for the deceased, inform the timeshare management company that this will enter probate status.

If the deceased had a stake in a timeshare, a lawyer might be needed to review the contract in full and to determine how to exit their share.

Each contract has different requirements and potential timelines, so act quickly.

If the timeshare ownership document cannot be located, attempt to find more details in the deceased’s paperwork or email files.

Helpful Tips

Timeshare contracts and inheritance laws should be reviewed in full to determine if there are any specific requirements.

Understanding what is required per the timeshare contract is critical to avoid legal recourse, late fees, breached agreement arguments, or penalties.

With no payment or communication, some timeshare companies might initiate legal action in 60 days after a breach or missed payment.

Communicating with the timeshare company immediately helps to get an overview of the available options.

If this timeshare will remain in probate for some time or pass relatively quickly to someone via an inheritance, continue to make payments on the property and keep good records of those payment


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