Close Apple accounts

Gaining access to an Apple account and the associated services and devices requires access to the account's Apple ID.

Apple users are able to add a Legacy Contact key to their Apple account to allow another person to get their information after they pass away.

If you have access to the deceased's Apple ID and password, you can download all of the deceased's account data before canceling their Apple services.

Once you have backed up the deceased's data, you can delete the deceased's Apple ID and account.

If you do not have access to the deceased's Apple ID and password, Apple may provide access to the account to one of the deceased's family members.

Apple requires a death certificate to access a deceased's account.

Apple reviews each request on a case by case basis and even with a death certificate may still require a court order to obtain access to the deceased's data.

Exclamation_Icon.svgImportant Do not close a deceased's Apple accounts before obtaining important data that will be important during probate, such as bills and bank account information in their Apple email, and data of sentimental value, such as photos and videos.

Helpful Tips

  • Go to the Apple ID Support page
  • Choose “other apple ID topics”
  • Choose “Delete Your Apple ID Account”
  • Choose Call Apple Support Later”
  • Enter your name and the name of the deceased
  • Make a note of the Apple Support Number and Case ID
  • Call Apple Support (800–692–7753) and let them know if you need to remove anything from the account

Actions to Take

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Providers to Contact

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