Close Gmail and other Google services

Google has many products and services that may have been actively used by the deceased (e.g., Gmail, Drive, Photos, etc.).

If you have access to the deceased's Google accounts, you can download all of the deceased's account data before canceling their Google services.

Once you have backed up the deceased's data, you can close the deceased's Gmail and Google account by deleting it.

If you do not have access to the deceased's Google accounts, Google may provide access to the account.

Google reviews each request on a case by case basis and may not grant access to the deceased's data without a court order.

If the deceased used Google's Inactive Account Manager, their account or their account data may be automatically deleted after a period of inactivity.

Exclamation_Icon.svgImportant Do not close a deceased's Google services before obtaining data that will be important during probate, such as bills and bank account information, and data of sentimental value, such as photos.

Actions to Take

Download all Google account data

Submit a request for access to a deceased person’s Google account

Delete a Google account

Learn more about Google's Inactive Account Manager

Browse all Google products

Providers to Contact

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