Notify loved ones and the larger community

Contact additional friends and family who may want to know, or need to know, about the death. Phone calls are often recommended for those who were close to the deceased, including friends or colleagues.

Since this may include many people, it may be challenging to tell everyone all at once.

If this is the case, ask trusted loved ones to help, and let them know that more information about a funeral or memorial service will be available at a later time.

Lightbulb_Icon.svgGood to Know To help streamline communication and notify many people at once, create a free Memorial website from Autumn.

Share the link in an email or text, and friends and family will receive updates whenever information is added.

Additionally, the Memorial Website will allow you to:

  • Share event details and other important information
  • Manage RSVPs and condolence gifts
  • Request support for everyday activities
  • Share messages, photos and videos, and collect more from friends

Helpful Tips

Depending upon the circumstances of a death, it may be challenging to know what to say to others when informing them about the death.

Phone calls are often recommended for those who were close to the deceased. If there are many people to contact, ask others to help. However, one or two family members will help make these phone calls.

You may be able to find the contact information for close friends in the deceased person’s phone. When calling, be sensitive to the seriousness of the news you’re about to share.

Saying something like, “I just wanted to let you know some bad news” or “I have something difficult to share with you” can help people prepare for what you’ll say next.

These types of statements are effective because they not only help manage expectations, but they are truthful statements.

Actions to Take

Notify additional friends and family of the death by creating a free Memorial website from Autumn