File IRS Form 56

IRS Form 56 notifies the IRS that an executor or administrator has assumed management of the deceased’s estate and that they now have the authority to manage the tax returns of the deceased’s estate.

The form also tells the IRS where to mail tax notices going forward.

Once an estate tax identification number (EIN) has been created, the executor will have to file Form 56 with the IRS.

Exclamation_Icon.svgImportant Even if the deceased was not working at the time of their passing, the executor will still need to submit tax returns for the deceased and their estate. The executor will need to communicate with the IRS no matter what.

IRS Form 56 instructions can be found on the IRS website linked below.

Guides_Icon.svgRead More To learn more about an estate tax identification number, see the “Obtain an IRS Tax ID number for the estate section of the Guide.

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