Contact IRS to end executor status

The only requirement for closing an estate with the IRS is filing Form 56.

If the executor or administrator filed IRS Form 56 in order to file taxes on behalf of the estate, the same form is used to end the executor’s responsibility with the IRS.

Once all tax obligations have been taken care of for the deceased and the deceased’s estate, and assets have been given to the deceased’s beneficiaries and heirs, the executor should submit another IRS Form 56 to officially end the relationship with the estate.

Keep a copy of the signed Form 56 used to end the relationship with the estate, as well as a record of the date it was mailed.

Copies and records should be kept with the other estate records for personal reference and proof that the IRS relationship with the estate was ended.

Guides_Icon.svgFor more information on IRS Form 56, see the "File IRS Form 56" section of the Guide.

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