The term "remains" refers to the physical remnants of a deceased person's body after death.

It can mean several different things depending on a Final Disposition is handled.

For example, Human Remains refers to the deceased's body before or during the process of decomposition, but Cremated Remains, refers to the "ashes" resulting from a Cremation.

There are many different types of remains, including but not limited to:

Cremated Remains (Ashes): Cremated Remains, often colloquially referred to as "ashes," are the powdery fragments left after a deceased person's body has undergone cremation. They are typically collected and placed in an Urn or container for memorialization, Scattering, or Interment.

Burial Remains: These are the remains of a deceased person who has been Buried in a Cemetery or a Burial Plot elsewhere. They include the body, which may be placed in a Casket, as well as any personal items or possessions interred with the deceased.

Entombed Remains: Entombed remains are the body or cremated remains of the deceased person placed in an above-ground Mausoleum or Crypt. This is a common form of final disposition in some cultures and regions.

Natural Burial Remains: In Natural Burials, the remains typically consist of the deceased's body placed in a biodegradable casket, shroud, or directly in the earth without the use of Embalming chemicals. Over time, the body naturally decomposes and returns to the soil.

Donated Remains: When a deceased person's body is donated to science or medical research, the remains may be preserved for educational or research purposes. Afterward, the remains are typically cremated, and the ashes may be returned to the family.

Sea Burial Remains: Sea burial involves scattering cremated remains or placing a biodegradable urn containing the ashes in a body of water, such as the ocean or a river. The remains disperse in the water, becoming part of the natural environment.

Memorial Remains: In some cases, remains may refer to memorial items or Markers placed in a memorial garden, Columbarium, Niche, or memorial site within a cemetery or mausoleum. These markers may contain a portion of the cremated remains or serve as a memorial tribute.