A columbarium is a structure, typically made of stone, concrete, or marble, that contains compartments to hold Cremated remains.

They can be found in Cemeteries, Funeral Homes, and other places where people may choose to Inter the ashes of a loved one.

Each compartment of the columbarium typically contains a small Urn and may be adorned with a plaque or Marker bearing the person's name and dates of birth and death.

Columbaria can be used as an alternative to Burial in a traditional cemetery, and may be preferred by people who choose cremation for their Final Disposition.

Some columbaria are freestanding structures, while others are incorporated into existing buildings or structures. They may be designed in a variety of architectural styles and can range in size from a few niches to many hundreds or thousands.

Some columbaria are also designed to accommodate multiple urns in a single niche, making them a convenient option for families who wish to keep their loved ones' remains together.