Burial Plot

A burial plot is a designated and purchased piece of land within a Cemetery where a deceased person's body is Interred and placed to rest.

Burial plots are used for traditional Burials, and a common type of Final Disposition.

The burial plot is typically marked with a Headstone or Grave Marker that bears the name of the deceased, as well as other information such as their birth and death dates, and an Epitaph.

Burial plots can vary in size and location within a cemetery, and the cost of purchasing one can depend on a number of factors, including the location and availability of the plot, as well as the cemetery's policies and pricing structure.

Burial plots offer Surviving Family members and other loved ones the ability to visit, pay their respects, leave flowers, or engage in other memorial practices.

Here are some key aspects of burial plots:

Location: Burial plots are specific locations within a cemetery, and their exact placement can vary. They may be situated in various sections of the cemetery, such as family plots, religious sections, or consecrated areas.

Size: Burial plots come in different sizes to accommodate different needs. Single plots are designed for one casket, while double or companion plots can accommodate two Caskets side by side. There are also larger family plots designed to hold multiple caskets or Urns.

Ownership: Burial plots are typically purchased from the cemetery or a cemetery authority. The ownership of the plot may be perpetual (in perpetuity), meaning it remains with the family or owner indefinitely, or it may be leased for a specific period.

Markers and Monuments: Burial plots often have headstones, grave markers, or Monuments to identify the deceased person and provide information such as their name, birth and death dates, and sometimes meaningful inscriptions or epitaphs.

Maintenance: Cemetery staff or the plot owner may be responsible for maintaining the plot, including landscaping, mowing, and general upkeep. Some cemeteries have regulations regarding what can be placed on or near the plot and charge an Opening and Closing Fee for the service.

Pre-Purchase: Some individuals choose to pre-purchase burial plots as part of their funeral pre-planning. This allows them to select their final resting place in advance and may include specific instructions regarding the plot's location and other details.

Resale or Transfer: In some cases, burial plots can be resold or transferred to other individuals if the original owner or their family no longer requires them.