A nice is a small compartment or space where Cremated Remains are placed or stored. Niche spaces are designed to hold Urns containing the ashes or cremated remains of a deceased person.

Niches can vary in size and style, and they are commonly found in Cemeteries, within a Columbarium, Mausoleum, or religious institutions. Families may choose a niche for the final resting place of their loved one's cremated remains due to preferences for a more compact and organized memorialization.

Niches can be made of various materials, such as marble, granite, or glass, and purchased for an individual, couple, or multiple family members. Nicely crafted and decorated, niches often include plaques, Markers, or inscriptions bearing the name, dates, and other personalized details of the deceased.

Surviving Families can visit the niche to pay their respects, leave flowers, or engage in quiet moments of reflection. They provide a meaningful and lasting place to memorialize and honor the memory of the deceased.