A eulogy is a spoken or written tribute that celebrates and honors the life of a deceased person.

It is typically delivered during a Funeral or Memorial Service and serves as a way to remember and commemorate the deceased.

A eulogy offers an opportunity for Surviving Family members, friends, and a Eulogizer to express their love, appreciation, and fond memories of the deceased.

Eulogies often contain personal anecdotes, stories, reflections, and sentiments about the deceased, highlighting their character, accomplishments, relationships, and impact on the lives of others. It's a way to celebrate the deceased's life, express gratitude, and offer comfort and closure to those in Mourning.

Eulogies can be delivered by immediate or extended family members, close friends, colleagues, or religious leaders.

Additional details about eulogies include:

Personalized: Eulogies are highly personalized and can reflect the unique qualities and experiences of the deceased. They often include stories that illustrate the person's personality, values, interests, and contributions.

Comforting: Eulogies can be comforting to Grieving family and friends by acknowledging their loss and providing a sense of connection and shared mourning.

Varied Formats: Eulogies can take various formats, including spoken words during a funeral or memorial service, written tributes in obituaries or memorial programs, or even video presentations.

Speaker: The person delivering the eulogy is often chosen based on their personal connection to the deceased. This may be a family member, close friend, clergy member, or someone who knew the deceased well.

Timing: Eulogies are typically included as part of the funeral or memorial service. Within the Funeral Program, they are typically given after religious or spiritual rites, readings, or musical performances.

Balance: Eulogies often strike a balance between acknowledging the sadness of loss and celebrating the positive aspects of the person's life. They may include expressions of gratitude for the time spent with the deceased.