A eulogizer is a person who delivers a Eulogy during a Funeral or Memorial Service.

A eulogy is a spoken or written tribute that honors and celebrates the life of a deceased person. It typically includes anecdotes, memories, and reflections on their character, accomplishments, and impact on the lives of others. It may also express gratitude, love, and remembrance.

A eulogizer provides a personal and heartfelt tribute that may help Mourners remember and honor the life of the deceased.

Key points about a eulogizer and the role they play in a funeral or memorial service include:

Speaker: The eulogizer is often chosen by the deceased person's Surviving Family or by the deceased themselves before their passing. They are responsible for delivering a heartfelt and meaningful tribute.

Emotional Support: Eulogizers provide emotional support to Grieving family and friends by acknowledging their loss and offering words of comfort and solace.

Personal Connection: Eulogizers often have a personal connection with the deceased. They may be a family member, friend, colleague, clergy member, or someone else who knew the deceased well.

Delivery: Eulogies are usually delivered in a respectful and solemn manner, although they can also include moments of humor or levity, especially if the deceased had a jovial or humorous personality.

Timing: Eulogies are typically part of the funeral or memorial service, and their timing in the Funeral Program can vary. They are often delivered after religious or spiritual rites, readings, or music.

Written or Spoken: Eulogies can be pre-written and read aloud during the service or delivered extemporaneously. Some eulogizers prefer to speak from the heart rather than reading a prepared text.

Memorialization: Eulogies serve as a way to memorialize the deceased person and allow those in attendance to pay their respects and share in the celebration of the person's life.