Memorial Program

A memorial program is a printed document that outlines the order of events and details of a Funeral or Memorial service.

The memorial program is typically a single piece of paper, or folded to create a pamphlet or booklet, and given to attendees prior to the ceremony so they can follow along and participate.

Memorial programs often contain a photo of the deceased, their name, the dates of their birth and death, details about the service including a schedule of its events, a list of Surviving Family members, speakers and other Eulogizers, and information about any readings, hymns, or prayers that will be part of the service.

They can be created by the Funeral Home or the family of the deceased by using an online service to customize its design. These design websites can deliver the final printed copies, or files that the family can print at home, or at a local printer.

Also known as a Funeral Program or Order of Service.