An undertaker is a licensed professional who works with the Surviving Family of a deceased person to facilitate a Final Disposition plan, and manage the production of a Funeral or Memorial Service.

Undertakers work in Funeral Homes, facilities that are equipped to handle all aspects of a funeral, from the preparation of the deceased, to the arrangements for the service.

In addition to working with Bereaved families to purchase the products and services associated with a funeral, they help organize a Burial or Cremation, arrange for transportation for the deceased's body and surviving family to and from the location of a service, and coordinate with a member of the clergy or other individuals who are may lead a funeral or memorial service.

Undertakers also help manage other administrative affairs, like helping to obtain a Death Certificate, and coordinating with florists, musicians or food and beverage services.

Ultimately, undertakers provide a range of services to help ensure a funeral is conducted in a respectful and dignified manner, and that the needs and wishes of a surviving family are properly met.

Also known as a Mortician or Funeral Director.