Pet Trust

A pet trust is a legal arrangement created to provide for the care of a pet in the event of its owner's death.

Pet trusts are legally enforceable documents and provide a way to ensure that the owner's wishes for their pets are carried out even after their own passing. It ensures that pets receive proper care, attention, and financial support throughout their lives.

It's a type of Trust where funds can be used to cover expenses such as food, veterinary care, grooming, pet insurance, and other costs associated with the pets' well-being.

In a pet trust, the owner (known as the Grantor or Settlor) sets aside funds and appoints a Trustee who will manage those funds and oversee the care of the pets if they should die. The trustee can be a Surviving Family member, trusted friend, or an animal welfare organization.

The document specifies detailed instructions regarding the care, feeding, medical treatment, exercise, and any other specific requirements for the pets. It may also include provisions for selecting a caregiver who will be responsible for physically taking care of the pets on a day-to-day basis.

Regulations of pet trusts vary by state, so it helps to consult with an Estate Attorney who specializes in Estate Planning to help create a pet trust that complies with local laws.