An officiant is someone who conducts a program of speeches during a Funeral or Memorial Service.

The role of the officiant is to lead the ceremony by speaking about the deceased, introducing other speakers and providing information about additional services.

They may also deliver a Eulogy, lead prayers and other religious rituals, or conduct a secular ceremony that reflects the beliefs and values of the deceased person and their family.

The officiant may be a religious leader, such as a minister, priest, or rabbi, or a non-religious professional, like a Funeral Director, Surviving Family member, or close friend of the deceased's.

In addition to leading the service, the officiant may also help the family with other arrangements, such as selecting appropriate music or readings, creating a Funeral Program, and coordinating with a Funeral Home or Cemetery.

The officiant is an important part of a funeral or memorial process and can help ensure that the service is well coordinated and a memorable tribute to the life of the deceased.