The term majority refers to reaching a specific age that is legally considered to be the age of adulthood. This age is often referred to as the "age of majority."

For most states, a person has reached the age of majority once they are 18 years old.

Once a person reaches the age of majority, they are legally recognized as an adult and gain certain rights and responsibilities that were previously held by their parents or legal Guardians.

After the death of a parent legal guardian, majority refers to the point at which a Minor child no longer requires a legal guardian.

Until the child reaches the age of majority, their parents or legal guardians are responsible for making decisions on their behalf. However, once the child becomes a legal adult, they are generally no longer subject to Guardianship and have the right to make their own decisions.

A Guardianship Attorney is a lawyer who specializes in guardianship and can help families obtain legal guardianship over a minor child, an elderly or disabled adult, or someone who has a mental or physical disability.

After the death of a parent, a guardianship attorney can help ensure that a minor child's interests are protected and that a suitable guardian is appointed, regardless a legal guardian was named in the deceased's Will.