Grave Vault

A burial vault is a lined and sealed container that houses a Casket and provides structural support for a Gravesite, protecting it from the weight of the earth,

The use of burial vaults is common in many Cemeteries to help ensure the stability of a gravesite and maintain the appearance of overall Burial grounds.

Vaults are often required by cemeteries as a means of standardizing burial practices and maintaining the long-term integrity of the gravesite.

Families typically choose between different vault options based on personal preferences, budget considerations, and cemetery regulations.

There are two main types of burial vaults:

Burial Vault: The more substantial and protective option, a burial vault is typically made of reinforced concrete or metal and provides a higher level of protection against the elements and the weight of the earth. Burial vaults are often sealed to prevent water, insects, and other elements from entering the grave.

Grave Liner: A grave liner is a simpler form of vault made from concrete or similar materials. It covers the top and sides of the casket but leaves the bottom open. Grave liners help provide some level of protection and structural integrity while allowing for natural decomposition of the casket and the Remains.

Also known as a Burial Vault.