General Price List

A General Price List (GPL) is a document that itemizes the prices of goods and services offered by a Funeral Home.

A GPL is part of the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) Funeral Rule, which states that funeral homes must offer consumers the opportunity to view the prices of their products or services before purchasing.

This list is designed to provide transparency, lets consumers compare prices when planning a Funeral, Cremation or the like. It also helps customers review lower-priced options that may not be on display, allowing them to make informed choices that aligns with their preferences and budget.

The GPL must be given over the phone and in person if requested, and must list services and their corresponding prices, as well as any additional fees or surcharges that may apply.

This can include items such as Embalming, Cremation, Caskets, Urns, funeral vehicles like a Hearse, and staff services.

Some examples of items and services that are typically found on a General Price List include:

Basic Services Fee: This fee is non-declinable and covers the overhead costs of the funeral home, including administrative tasks, obtaining necessary Burial Permits or Cremation Permits, and coordinating the funeral arrangements.

Transfer of Remains: This fee covers the transportation of the deceased person's body from the place of death to the funeral home.

Embalming: If embalming is selected, the GPL will list the cost for this service. The GPL will also include a disclosure that embalming is not required by law in most cases.

Caskets: The GPL will include a range of caskets available for purchase, with prices listed for each. It may also provide a description of the caskets and their features.

Alternative Containers: If the funeral home offers cremation services, the GPL will include prices for alternative containers suitable for cremation.

Cremation Fees: If cremation is chosen, the GPL will detail the cost of the cremation process, including the use of the crematory and the container for ashes.

Use of Facilities: Fees associated with the use of the funeral home's facilities, such as Visitation rooms, chapels, or reception areas, may be listed.

Staff and Professional Services: The GPL may include fees for the services of funeral directors and staff involved in the arrangement and coordination of the funeral or cremation.

Transportation: Costs for transportation of the deceased to the cemetery, crematory, or other locations may be itemized.

Merchandise: The GPL may list prices for various funeral merchandise, such as memorial packages, flowers, urns, Funeral Programs, and acknowledgment cards.

Cash Advances: These are costs that the funeral home pays to third-party providers on behalf of the family. Examples include charges for Cemetery fees, clergy Honorariums, and newspaper notices and Obituaries.

Other Fees: The GPL may include additional fees for services or products that are not covered by the categories mentioned above. For instance, there might be fees associated with refrigeration, a Graveside Service, or a Direct Cremation.