Devisor is a term that refers to the person who creates a Last Will and Testament and outlines their wishes for the distribution of their property after their death.

The devisor specifies how their Estate should be divided among Devisees, which are often Surviving Family, Heirs and other Beneficiaries.

The devisor's will serves as a legally binding document that outlines their intentions for the Distribution of their property, ensuring that their wishes are carried out after their death.

Devisors are the givers of real property through the legal process of Devise, which is the act of transferring real estate property in a will during the Estate Settlement process.

The term is specific to real property, whereas the term Legator is used for individuals who give personal property (such as money, jewelry, or vehicles) through a will.

When creating a will, it's important to clearly identify devisees, the properties they will receive, and any conditions or terms associated with the transfer.

Therefore, when drafting a will, it's best to consult an Estate Attorney provide guidance that accurately represent the devisor's intentions and adheres to legal requirements.