Decree of Distribution

A Decree of Distribution is legal document that authorizes the distribution of a deceased person's Assets to Surviving Family members and other Beneficiaries.

The document is produced by a Probate Court once the Probate process has been completed while settling their Estate.

The Decree of Distribution lists the specific property or assets to be distributed, the names of the Heirs or beneficiaries who are entitled to receive the property or assets, and the manner in which the property or assets are to be distributed.

It is typically given to the Executor of the Estate who is responsible for distributing the assets according to the terms set forth in the Decree and is legal proof of the transfer of ownership from the deceased to heirs or beneficiaries.

It's important to note that the Decree of Distribution is issued only after all of the debts and taxes owed by the deceased's estate have been paid, and all of the other necessary steps in the probate process have been completed.