Death Notice

A published notice announcing that someone has passed away, typically written by a Surviving Family member.

The purpose of a death notice is to inform friends and family about the death, as well as to provide details for Funeral or Memorial Service.

Historically, death notices were published in local newspapers in the town where the deceased lived, but today they are often posted on a Memorial Website to more easily reach the deceased's community wherever they may live.

Autumn's memorials help share important information, dates and locations for events, manage RSVPs, request support, and share and collect memories in one place.

Death notices usually include the name of the deceased, their age at the time of death, and the date and place of death, information about the deceased person's family members, and their accomplishments or interests.

This is in contrast to an Obituary, which is typically more in-depth and personal, and serves as a way to celebrate the life of the deceased.