Successor Conservator

A successor conservator is a person designated to assume the responsibilities and duties of a Conservator in the event that the current conservator dies, or is unable to serve that role for some other reason.

A conservator is a person who manages the financial affairs and assets, and in some cases, personal care, well-being, and medical needs of another person (known as a Conservatee). The conservator must be appointed to this position by court because the conservatee is deemed incapable of making decisions themselves, due to mental incapacity or disability.

The appointment of a successor conservator, like the appointment of the original conservator, typically requires court approval. The court will review the circumstances, consider the best interests of the person under conservatorship, and ensure a smooth transition in the management of both personal and financial affairs.

The successor conservator assumes the same responsibilities and duties as the original conservator, which include managing the conservatee's financial resources, making financial decisions on their behalf, and acting in their best interests.

When handling the administration of a conservatorship or the settlement of an estate after the death of a conservator or conservatee, it's important to consult with an Elder Law Attorney, Estate Attorney, Probate Attorney, Guardianship Attorney, or Family Law Attorney.