Known Shipper

The term Known Shipper refers to a verified and trusted person, Funeral Home, or other organization that has been approved by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to handle and transport Human Remains.

This designation is crucial to ensure the secure, respectful, and legally compliant transport of the deceased's body or Cremated Remains. It was established by the TSA to enhance the security of air cargo transportation and provide peace of mind to Grieving families and ensuring a dignified journey for their loved one.

Funeral Homes typically work with known shippers when a death has occurred far away from the deceased's home or family and their remains need to be flown across state lines or even internationally.

If the deceased's remains are to be flown by an everyday commercial airline, funeral homes must comply with regulations and requirements established by the TSA and the airline. This may include working with a known shipper to ensure that the remains are properly packaged and labeled, and that all necessary documentation and permits are in place.

Other key points about a known shippers include:

Security and Dignity: Transportation agencies and funeral homes have specific security measures and protocols in place to ensure the respectful handling and transportation of human remains. A Known Shipper status signifies compliance with these procedures.

Approval Process: Becoming a Known Shipper for transporting human remains involves an application and approval process. This often includes verifying credentials, licenses, and adherence to regulatory requirements in the Deathcare, Funeral and transportation industry.

Regulatory Compliance: Known Shippers must comply with various regulations governing the transportation of human remains. These regulations encompass packaging, labeling, documentation, and overall adherence to standards ensuring the safety of the deceased.

Risk Assessment: Transportation agencies assess the reliability and credibility of a Known Shipper to ensure that the transportation of human remains is conducted with the highest level of professionalism, security, and care.

Streamlined Transportation: Being a Known Shipper can expedite the process of transporting the deceased person's remains, with trusted shippers often receiving priority in handling and transportation. This helps ensure timely and efficient movement.

Maintaining the Designation: Ongoing compliance with security measures and regulations is essential for maintaining the Known Shipper status for transporting human remains. Adhering to industry standards is crucial to preserve this designation.