Known Shipper

A Known Shipper is an organization that has been approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to ship cargo on passenger aircrafts.

The TSA established the known shipper program as part of its efforts to enhance the security of air cargo transportation.

After a death, a Funeral Home may work with a known shipper when the remains of a deceased person needs to be transported by air.

This could include situations where a person passes away far from their home or family, and their remains need to be transported across state or international borders.

In order to transport human remains on a passenger aircraft, the funeral home must comply with certain regulations and requirements established by the TSA and the airline.

This may include working with a known shipper to ensure that the remains are properly packaged and labeled, and that all necessary documentation and permits are in place.

The funeral home may work with a known shipper directly or may refer the family of the deceased person to a trusted shipping company or service that specializes in the transportation of human remains.