Filial Responsibility Laws

Filial responsibility laws require adult children to financially support their parents if their parents are unable to support themselves.

The exact requirements vary by state, but generally require adult children to provide financial support if their parent's can't afford basic necessities like food, shelter, and medical care.

In some states, filial responsibility laws may be relevant during Probate if the Estate cannot pay the deceased person's Debt, particularly if it's related to medical or long-term care expenses.

In these cases, the state may require the deceased person's adult children to help cover the unpaid debts.

The application of the law during probate vary by state and the circumstances of the deceased person's death and debt, and not all states have filial responsibility laws.

For example, the law may not apply if the adult children are unable to provide support due to their own financial circumstances.

Also known as "filial support" or "filial piety" laws.