Conjoint Will

A conjoint will is a type of Last Will and Testaments that is signed by two or more individuals, often spouses or partners.

It is meant to reflect their joint wishes for the Distribution of their Estates after both of their deaths.

Conjoint wills are usually designed in a way that the first person to pass away leaves their Assets to the surviving spouse or partner, and upon the death of the surviving spouse or partner, the remaining assets are distributed as agreed upon in the conjoint will.

These types of wills are often used by couples who want to ensure that their property goes to a specific Beneficiary, often their children, after both partners have passed away.

Once both parties have passed away, it can be difficult to change the terms of a conjoint will, which is intended to make the distribution of assets more secure and predictable for the beneficiaries.

Conjoint wills can be complex and have certain legal considerations that might vary depending on state law.

Therefore, it's important to consult with an Estate Attorney when considering a conjoint will, as they can help ensure the document accurately represents the creator's wishes and is in accordance with state law.

Also know as a Joint Will.