Birth Certificate

An official document that records the birth of a child in the United States. It contains important information such as a full name, date and place of birth, gender, the names of the parents, and serve as proof of identity, citizenship, and age.

After a death, a birth certificate may be needed to establish the identity of the deceased person, especially if there are questions about their identity, or if there are disputes over their estate.

For example, if a person dies without leaving a Will, Heirs or Beneficiaries may need to establish their identity and relationship to the deceased in order to make a claim to the estate.

A birth certificate can help establish the identity of the deceased person and their relationship to their parents, which may be relevant to inheritance laws and other legal matters.

In addition to establishing identity, a birth certificate may also be needed to obtain a Death Certificate, which is an official document that records the details of a person's death. The death certificate is typically required in order to settle the person's affairs, such as closing bank accounts, canceling credit cards, and transferring property or assets.