Petition for Probate of Will

A petition for probate of will is a legal document filed with a Probate Court to request that a deceased's Last Will and Testament be reviewed and its legitimacy validated.

The court will review the petition, verify the authenticity of the will, and determine its validity according to state law.

Approval by the court will "grant" Probate, giving an Executor the legal authority to officially manage the deceased's Estate by paying its Debts, and distributing its Assets to Heirs and Beneficiaries.

The petition for probate typically includes the name and date of death of the deceased person, the names and addresses of the beneficiaries named in the will, and the person or entity seeking to be appointed as the executor.

The executor or a Surviving Family member usually files the petition along with a copy of the deceased's Death Certificate, but a Probate Attorney or Estate Attorney is often hired to help manage the process to ensure it goes smoothly.